Tuesday, February 22, 2011

You've Got Mail

Okay, so I'm checking my email accounts; yes I said accounts, I have a different one for every phase of my life.  Anyway, I'm checking one of my yahoo accounts this morning and notice three emails from my publishing company.  They came through yesterday afternoon.  I really must check that account more often, or perhaps I've been distracted by my blogging, YET again.  At any rate, I have now, less than 48 hours to proof my next book and make any changes.  I'm so excited because I'm doing what a lot of writers want to do and that's publish; but I'm also nervous because I'm wondering will this book do better than my last book.  Not that it didn't do well, I just think I need a marketing team, other than myself.  For every person I told about my book, they bought it; but as for the masses that I was trying to reach, I think they're still out to lunch. 

So this will be my second book of poetry and I'm wondering will it be my last?  Umm, just answered my own question, of course it's not my last book of poetry.  I still have yet to publish my "good" poetry.  My first book had several subjects and my latest book is about love gone bad.  Now that I'm in a really great relationship, of course I have to write about the good side of love.  I already have that book started and just need to finish it.  I haven't decided on a title for the good poetry, but the current book is titled, Fed Up Woman, Starving for Love and Affection.  Anyone who's been in a not so great relationship will be able to identify themselves between the pages of this book.  I figure it can be a tool for when you need to have that "good cry".  Who wants to read a book that reminds them of some of the saddest days of their life?  Hey, I wrote it, the least you can do is read it.  We can both have a pity party together and get it all out. 

Well, I've attempted to do a little pre-marketing of my latest book, Fed Up Woman.  It should be out in about another three months.  You'll be hearing more about it as I continue blogging about my daily happenings.  Hopefully since I'm blogging these days, I'll be able to reach more people and gain more fans of my writing.  I'll probably post a few excerpts from the book so that you'll know what to expect in case you want to purchase a copy.   Until next time..."Live your life by loving yourself."