Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl Sunday

Today is Super Bowl Sunday.  Guys and girls around the country will be glued to the tube, despite their favorite team not fortunate enough to make it.  Honestly, I like watching football, but could really care less who makes it to the Super Bowl.  In my opinion, may the best team win.  This year, I'll have to favor the Pittsburgh Steelers as they've been coined the underdogs.  They've won plenty of Super Bowl rings, but this year, they're considered the underdogs.  I can identify with underdogs.  Despite their success over the years, how can they now be considered the underdogs?  I've had many successes over the years.  Would consider myself blessed beyond measure, but still I could be considered an underdog.  The definition of underdog is one who is expected to lose a competition or struggle or is at a disadvantage.  Yep, that's me, at a disadvantage.

I've definitely been struggling for a while now.  Making sacrifices over the years for the good of the family and second guessing if I made the right decisions along the way, I continue to make small strides towards my goal of  continuing to be a successful mother, entrepreneur and writer.  There has to be an end to this competition of me against the unrelentless world.  It's like, I'm saying to myself, "I know I can, I know I can, I know I can," but the world is saying, "No you won't, no you won't, no you won't."  But I will because I'm not going to give up.  Each day I wake up with the thought that this could be the day that it all comes together for me.  That day has to come eventually.  Am I so different from all the other successful people who worked hard to get to where they could actually say, "I made it?"  It is said that success is when preparation meets opportunity, well Lord knows I've been preparing for the longest time, so eventually opportunity is going to knock on my door and my preparation is going to open it and say, "Welcome, I've been waiting for you to come."  And together my preparation and opportunity will walk out the door, hand in hand, as my success. 

Not sure how I started off talking about Super Bowl Sunday and ended up talking about my success, but if you've read any of my other blogs, I've been known to go off topic.  But even in my off-topicness, hopefully I was able to say something that encourages you, my reader, to keep striving for your goals.  Never give up, no matter how rough and tough it gets out there.  If the world has classified you as an underdog, just remember that just because you're an underdog does not mean you can't or won't win.  It just means that you're expected to lose because of all the disadvantages you may have.  But even in disadvantages, there is the word advantages and you are capable of DISmissing the dis in advantages.  Until next time..."Live your life by loving yourself."