Sunday, February 6, 2011

Happy Anniversary

Tomorrow, when I wake up, I will be two years into my present relationship.  Two years ago, you couldn't tell me I'd still be working my way towards an alter, two years later.  Over two years ago, I was swearing away any further bonding sessions with the male species.  I was preparing myself to be single, and looking forward to being all that I could be, singly.  But right when I thought I was strong enough to go out on the town and leave the safe confines of my home to shake a tail feather, I wound up meeting the man of my dreams.  This man without a face in my dreams, danced his way into my life and is committed to staying for the long-haul.

I've been in love many times before, so what makes this time any different?  One very important thing is the fact that he is in love back.  I've wrote countless poems in the past, asking the universe why can't someone love me the way that I love them?  Well, the universe finally got tired of me asking and sent me exactly what I've been longing for.  Someone to cherish my love and give it back in return.  Quite frankly, I believe he loves me more than I love him.  How could that be possible, I ask myself on occasion? 

I can't remember the exact scripture, but the Bible mentions all the things that love is and is not...I'd say, there's definitely love in the building.  When you have genuine love in your life, you really do know it.  I mean, if you're in a relationship and you're making due, you still know if it's love or not.  Love is about actions.  One can say they love you, but not show it.  That's like the man that keeps putting his hands on his woman, he may say he loves her a million times, but if he's beating her butt, surely that REALLY can't be love. 

I could go on talking about love till the cows come home, cause that's what someone in love does, but I'll spare you.  Not everyone can handle someone else's good news, so I'll keep some things to myself.  Believe me when I say, I'm not bragging.  I'm just sharing the fact that when you least expect it, love can enter your life and take root, just like hate can.  If you're longing for true love and keep an open heart, even if your lips say you're done, it will eventually come.  No one knows how long it will stay, but while it's there, cherish it and bask in its magical glow.  Love, no matter who you're loving, is the greatest feeling in the world.  Until next time..."Live your life by loving yourself."