Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Writer's and Blogger's T-Shirts

In every industry there's a uniform.  Whether it be the monkey suit of the professional world; the old suit and tie, or high heels and long skirt, every profession has a uniform.  We're writes and bloggers, where's our uniform?  Most of the internet's writers are work-at-home individuals, who stagger out of their beds and plop down before their computer screens and start their jobs as freelance writers and bloggers.  Wouldn't it be great to get up, take a shower and slip on our daily uniform, just to give our old self-esteem a boost?  Purchase your uniform from and take pride in what you do. 

The slogan first appeared to me in a dream.  Lord knows, I'm always looking for a sign as to what I'm supposed to be doing to bring an income into my world.  "If you write it, they will come" is a slogan created to encourage writers in their craft.  It's a simple message that guides writers to do what they do.  Writing leads to reading.  If you don't write, they can't read. It's as simple as that.  When you purchase your uniform from, you're helping out a fellow writer who has committed to staying on the task of informing the world through her gift of the written word.  Just opened another shop over at