Tuesday, February 22, 2011

You Get What You Pay For

I'm up bright and early, making sure Eleven Year Old is up and at-um.  I heard Fourteen Year Old wake him up as he was leaving.  "You better not go back to sleep," I heard him warn, before I reminded him to mind at manners at school.  I lay in the bed for about ten minutes after Fourteen Year Old has left; no squeaky door opening.  I don't even have to get up to know that Eleven Year Old hasn't made it off the top bunk.  I climb over my sleeping boogie and go into the hallway seperating our room from the boys' room.  I open their door and call out for Eleven Year Old to get up.  He's already taken his bath last night, but I'm sure he'll need time to locate some misplaced article of clothing even after the threat of dismemberment last week. 

As I'm typing this, I'm admiring my lovely nails; all nine (9) of them.  Yep, you read right, nine.  I officially only have nine natural nails because of an accident that occurred on one of my part-time gigs in 2007.  I've since informed the Man upstairs that if He didn't want me working, He could have hinted more sultley.  Instead, after working at the factory for three months, about to get promoted to line leader, the day I was to get paid, was the day I lost my wedding ring finger tip, starting at the first joint closest to my nail.  Although it didn't really hurt because my finger immediately went numb after it was crushed and severed, (sorry for the graphic language) it is an experience that I wished I hadn't had to go through.  I stayed in the hospital for ten(10) whole days.  Imagine leaving for work Thursday evening and not seeing your children for ten (10) days.  Thank God that my two eldest were still at home and very responsible. 

Anyway, I really wasn't trying to send your belly on a rollercoaster ride by telling you this squimmish news.  I started this post because I am sitting here admiring my nails.  I normally spend as less as possible on nail polish since it's really not a neccessity, but on the day that I was feeling selfish and purchased my granny panties, I also bought me a bottle of nail polish for a wopping $6 bucks.  Yep, I spent six dollars on a bottle of nail polish.  I walked around with it for awhile, questioning my sanity and finally decided that I was worth six bucks; after all it was Sally Hansen.  I picked a pretty pink color called Pink Proposal and it is still on after four days.  Normally my nail polish chips and looks a hot mess after I've washed dishes.  I've washed dishes for the past four days and it's still on, looking as lovely as the day I put it on. 

I'm glad I purchased my high end priced nail enamal.  My nails look all girly and well taken care of, even though they are short.  I'm not sure why they aren't growing like they used to, back in the day.  I'm wondering if my constant tapping on these computer keys is slowing their growth.  If that's the case, then they will continue to be short.  As for my tenth finger tip, not to worry.  I had a very kind lady who owns an Etsy shop, custom make me a gold finger tip with a simulated nail tip.  It's a little banged up because I wear it everytime I'm out and about, but hopefully I'll be able to pay her to make me another one when I get some more surplus money.  Well back to blogging about important stuff.  Until next time..."Live your life by loving yourself."