Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What Outfit

Okay, so you know I was supposed to go get me an outfit for the Black History Month program.  Well, my budget has just gotten a little smaller for my proposed purchase.  I should have gone already to pick something out, but I already told you I don't like buying clothes.  I mean, you buy something and then months or even weeks later, it's too small or tight.  I've told you about my dilemma of not being able to fit into anything except things that are stretchy.  The jeans I bought that are a size eleven, only fit for about a month or so.  If I feel like fighting with my clothes, I try to put them on.  I twist and pull and jump around trying to get the snug fabric up past my thighs.  I haven't been able to fit into them for about a year.  When the funds were slim and the cupboards were bare, I remember being able to slide them on with ease.  I was happy to get back into them seeing as I didn't get much use out of them when I first bought them, but being able to fit into your clothes because you've lost weight due to a limited food supply was a bit extreme.  Those days are over though because I tried to fight my way back into them this past weekend and they won.  No can pull up, was the final answer.  

I held onto my winnings from that lucky day and of course with children, there is always going to be something to spend it on, besides yourself.  So I've given each of the boys three dollars to splurge and that was that.  I figured I'd wait until tomorrow, the day of the program, to go looking for something to wear.  It's not like I'm gonna be all dressed to the nines or anything.  A nice shirt or sweater and a skirt or a pair of slacks would suffice for the occasion.  I know where to shop for bargains so I'm not really worried about finding something nice at the last minute.  Me and the boys are sitting here and I'm working on the poem for tomorrow night's presentation.  A commercial for Papa John's Pizza comes on.  They're advertising a large spinach and Alfredo pizza that looks scrumptious.  Eleven Year Old was like, "Don't that look good, don't you wanna order it?"  I've just polished off some baked chicken left over from yesterday's dinner but the thought of spinach anything is enticing.  It doesn't take much for me to give in to his coaxing.  When I do have money, if my children want something we normally don't buy on a regular basis, I consider it a treat and get it for them.  Well, the treat has been eaten and I still don't have an outfit for tomorrow, but what I do have is two satisfied boys who may not always get what they want, when they want it, but if I've got money on hand, you better believe I'll spend it on them before I spend it on myself.  That's just the way I am.  Tomorrow will be fun because I get to play, "what can you buy for ?$? and still look good?"   Until next time..."Live your life by loving yourself."