Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Proposal

I'm not sure if anyone else was proposed to as quickly as I was, but can anyone beat, within the first week of "knowing" someone?  Yep, my fiance' proposed to me within the first week of  us meeting. We met at a magical time of the year; a week before Valentine's Day.  Perhaps it was all the talking we did over that first week that made this man know that he wanted me for his wife. Sounds like some back in the day romance stuff, huh? You know, like when our grandparents met, and within months they were already hitched; staying together until death parted them.

I'm not sure if, when we do get married, we'll stay together until death parts us, but if after our lil disagreements occur and he apologizes even if it's my fault, is any indication, then there's a pretty good chance we will. We've been inseparable ever since he moved in with me. On the day that he bought me a promise ring, while slipping it on my finger, uttered, "With this ring, I thee wed." He's such a sweetheart. He also uttered some other stuff, but I'll keep those sweet-nothings to myself.  We're working on year three of our lives together and I'm in no rush to walk down the aisle, just yet.  Actually he's the one that occasionally mentions, "I can't wait to marry my baby."  I always give him the old side-eye when he's not looking, or should I say when I THINK he's not looking, and then he says, "What, you don't wanna marry me anymore?"  "Of course I do, dear," I reassure him.  Honestly, it's like we're already married but without the legalities.  Actually, we probably have the "married" relationship that even married people wish for.