Sunday, July 14, 2013

Get the Help That You Need

Everyone has one of THOSE days.  The next time that you do, please don't hesitate to call me.  Not sure if you should, why not, what do you have to lose except your problems.

Keen - Your personal advisor

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Another Month Gone By

Oh my, it's been a WHOLE month since I last posted here.  Gee wiz, what in the world have I been doing? Living one day at a time, making progress in my life and enjoying my single-hood.  My daily routine is pretty much the same, 80% of my time spent sitting in my "butt buddy" (my chair), in front of this laptop.  I've shut down my main facebook account where I left 233 so called friends and family behind, without so much as a twinging in my heart, as I clicked on the deactivate my account, link.  On my other account, I have 19 folks and I'm gradually pulling a few off the old list, but not many.  I'm still doing my talk show, My Talk Show even though funding for paying the broadcasters has ended.  I love broadcasting, so me leaving because of no pay wasn't even an option in my mind.  They found me broadcasting for free, why would I stop cause the money did?  So, now I'm on the hunt to replace the funds that are no longer available to me, but I've always been on the hunt.  I am a business minded person, and I knew that it was just a matter of time before the fun part of their project became cloudy and the reality of the situation became crystal clear. Without support from the viewers, there was no way the company could continue to invest in the broadcasters.  It was a noble attempt and I am grateful that I was a part of it all.

Well on to my next cash flow opportunities, which I have several.  As you know, I am an adviser on a few of the psychic networks, here on the internet.  I've been doing this for the past two years.  The financial flow that should be occurring, is still more like a trickle, but every little bit helps in the big scheme of things.  (I really hate that word, scheme, but I think it's the right word to use).  Any way, after two years of sitting in video chat rooms and taking the vile abuse from the trolls that are so miserable, but instead of sitting down, realizing that the very person that they're trolling could direct them out of their misery, only find pleasure in the constant distractions that they create for the ones who are trying to get some help, I've decided to try my hand at, via telephone advising, instead.  Although I love the video aspect of the other sites, which ultimately led me to starting my talk show style broadcasts, I welcome the fact that the only people I will encounter on the telephone generated sites are people who are willing to pay for what they need.  The first site is the one that I've already had my first call on, after joining just this week, My Office.  I was so thrilled and anxious at the same time, but after hearing the callers voice, the only feelings that lingered were, compassion and the will to help.  I am so thankful for this journey that has led me to being available to anyone who needs me and who are linked to sites such as this one.  The other site, which I have joined, also this past week, is, My Other Office, and although I've known about this one, it wasn't until I got fed up with the video chat sites that I ran to its refuge. Again, the only people that I will have to deal with are those genuinely seeking help AND willing to pay for it.

As always, as a writer, I am also working on written material and am happy to report that the third installment to my "Bibles of Survival" series is complete.  These are my wisdom filled books that give you, perhaps, a different perspective on things as you see them, and let's you see the world through The Red Hawk's eyes.  All three books can be found at, My Book Store.  Well, I believe that's about all I've been up to besides raising the boys and trying to raise the consciousness of those around me, any way that I can. Until I post again, LIVE, LOVE AND LEARN.  Peace.