Monday, February 14, 2011

What's All the Fuss About

Okay, I know it's Valentine's Day and all, but I just TRIED to go into Walgreen's to get a lil gift bag to put a customer's heart in.  Oh, if this is your first time reading my blog, let me clarify.  I make stuffed heart pillows.  Whew, someone might be thinking I'm a merchant and I killed one of my customers and I'm putting their heart in a gift bag...hey you never know what folks are thinking.  Anyway, like I was saying, I was TRYING...but the parking lot was almost filled to capacity and as I drove past the entrance, I saw lines of folks with balloons and stuffed bears and all kinds of goodies for their sweethearts. 

I decided not to attempt to go in because time was of the essence and my customer, who happens to be a VERY dear friend of mine and number one fan of anything that I do, was on her way to my house.  If I stood in line to make her purchase all cute, you know presentation is everything, I would probably miss her.  So I boogied on home and blog surfed while waiting on her to get here.  I started typing this blog as I waited.  I blog and blog surf at the same time.  Hey, I can get inspired as well as inspire, right?  So anyway, I'm thinking, all these people packed into Walgreen's for this one special day, wow, amazing.  Some of them probably waited till the very last minute cause they weren't sure if their "sweetie" deserved to even receive anything.  Whatever the case might be, I wonder why do people have to wait for a calendar date to show exceptional love for their significant other. 

I know in my house, my sweetie shows me love everyday and just the mere fact that he makes me feel secure in our relationship is the most perfect Valentine's Day gift that I could have ever received, in all of my forty-three years on earth.  So when this day, February 14 rolls around, it truly is no big deal for us.  On any given day, he'll bring me a rose or a card, just because he loves me.

Well my "customer" has come and gone and I'm glad I wasn't finished working on this post yet because I wanna share something with you.  She pulls up, tells me how cute I look; another person who wears glasses and needs a new prescription, and when I hand her her purchase, she says, "I'm making a donation, but want to see your handy-work."  This woman, who is my confidante, best friend, other-mother, sista and all the other titles of someone who truly cares about someone, is priceless.  I met her over twenty-something years ago while getting my life back on track.  She was/is a career counselor for a job training program.  I met her and because of my unwavering focus on utilizing the program to my full advantage, somehow we've stayed in touch over all of these years. 

Look at me, jumping from topic to topic like I always do.  Anyway, I better take a break from my blogging world.  I have another customer coming over to pick up a pillow and the one I made for him doesn't look good to ME.  I'm going to make another one and stuff it more; see what that looks like.  Until next time..."Live your life by loving yourself."