Monday, February 21, 2011

Just Do It

No, I'm not practicing for a new Nike commercial.  I'm willing myself to get started on my spring cleaning.  The weekend has come and gone and I still haven't popped open my new cleaning supplies.  Hold up, yes I have.  Since I wash my dishes on the daily, I did pop open my brand new gigantic bottle of Ajax dish washing liquid that smells like grapefruits and has bleach alternative.  I did open up my Bounty Basic paper towels since I'm always washing my hands and need something other than my face towel to dry them off.  But my Clorox toilet bowl cleaner and new yellow plastic gloves and double pack of O-Cel-O no scratch foam scrubbers have gone untouched.  Hey wait a minute, what's that wonderful smell in the air?  Okay, I did open up one of my Air Wick Fresh Water scented plug in refills.  What a wonderful smell.  Come to think of it, I did put the can of Glade Crisp Water scented air freshener in the bathroom over the weekend.  I thought I smelled it when Eleven Year Old came out the bathroom yesterday.  I'll be buying another one by next week; he thinks the more he sprays, the less likely he is to share his "business."  He might have a point, but dang, go easy on the poor can. 

Okay, maybe I have started spring cleaning but I'm not too satisfied with my progress.  I still have yet to use my Lysol Bathroom Cleaner, my Pine-Sol Fresh Garden scented cleanser and the Clorox with Bleach toilet bowl cleaner.  Those things will be utilized in my least favorite room of the house.  Don't get me wrong, I just cleaned the bathroom last weekend, so it's not too grimy.  It's just the last place I run to, in my cleaning regime.  It's raining right now and since I'm not expecting to leave out until later on to go look for my outfit, I just might skedaddle in there and get it over with.  If the" aimers" could just learn how to aim for the bowl, I'd be fine.  You're probably wondering why I don't let them clean up the bathroom.  I have, and you know what the old saying is..."If you want something done right, you do it yourself."  Enough said, right?  So there.

Another thing that I just need to do is, get to school.  You will hear me gripe about my lack of interest in school,  right now, ever since I started blogging.  I've really got to get my head back in my books.  It's not that my lessons are hard, I just don't have the same drive as I had before.  Writing on whatever I want to on my blog has left me not wanting to be disciplined in my essay assignments.  I need to focus.  I have twelve more months to go and if I just concentrate, I'll be done before I know it.  Once I get my degree, hopefully I can orchestrate a way to still be self-employed while continuing to blog away.  Until next time..."Live your life by loving yourself."