Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Patiently Waiting

I'm sitting here, patiently waiting for my fiance' to get home.  He's done the dishes, took his shower and hit the road, but not before putting on a pot of boiling water with Old Bay Seafood Seasoning in it.  OMG, my stomach is growling and my mouth is watering.  Once a month we eat our guilty pleasure of crab legs.  I'm trying to take my mind off the smell that has left my house smelling like Red Lobster, without the actual food.  OH, GOODY, HE'S HOME.  He has just informed me that he had to drive halfway across town to find some.  We forgot that others celebrated the traditional February 14th holiday, yesterday; we didn't. 

Anyway, he's here now, feeling a lot better than he has in the last two days, singing as he's putting the legs in the pot and preparing the butter dish.  This is our little thing.  Every couple should have a little "thing" that they do together that is exclusively theirs.  I mean, at first I used to feel guilty.  My younger boys, the ones who are still in the house, love seafood too.  One can eat anything, the other can't eat shrimp.   In better days, we used to visit Red Lobster on a regular and eat until we thought we would bust. Those days are coming again, soon.  Like I was saying, at first I was feeling guilty, but now I don't.  All through the month, they get all kinds of stuff that they only eat.  Can't we have our, only thing that we eat, too?  Yes, we can!  I consider it our payment for putting up with having to say the same thing to them fifty times, for going behind them and doing what we already told them to do, fifty times and they still didn't do it, or didn't do it right, for having mercy on them and no making them stay in the house until they're as old as we are for cutting up at school, and other stuff I can't remember right now.  I know that that's part of a parents job, but we rarely get paid for our efforts, so if we wanna eat a bundle of crab legs once a month, then so be it.  We'll the leg are almost ready and I want to proof this post before I devour them.  Until next time..."Live your life by loving yourself."