Saturday, February 5, 2011

Message from the Heart Pillows

What the world needs is more love.  What better way to express that than through Message from the Heart pillows.  Valentine's Day is over a week away and what better gift to give a loved one than something home-made with a special message in it.  These pillows can act as a communicating device for people who may not feel comfortable expressing themselves verbally.  The pillows, in the shape of a heart with a pocket in the front, will also make great gifts for parents wanting to express themselves to their teens.  Sometimes it's better to communicate through the written word, that way there won't be any interruptions and the person receiving the message can meditate on it, instead of trying to interpret it, at the time it's being said.  I'm basically introducing this product today, and you can purchase your Message from the Heart Pillow from me by emailing me for price and supplying payment through at