Monday, February 14, 2011

I Asked For It

Okay, so I just woke up from my lil go-back-to-sleep-nap that I take after the boys leave for school.  My youngest son leaves the house at a few minutes before eight.  As I snuggle back under my covers, I didn' set the alarm cause I just didn't want to hear it go off.  So as I was drifting, I was praying that I'd wake up about eight-thirty.  So, I'm sleep and I start dreaming; I did tell you that I'm a dreamer, right?  So I'm dreaming and in the dream, my lil sis has just plopped onto my bed and was telling me that some company (can't remember the name), will pay me to do something, as long as I do it sober, (okay, she said, "As long as you're not drunk), that sounds worse doesn't it?  Anyway, while she's telling me that, there's this puppy running around my bedroom and I'm like, is that your dog?  Before she can answer the lil creep is peeing on my carpet.  I jump up out of bed, in my dream and usher him towards the living room and the front door.  My fiance' appears in the dream then and as I'm going to the front door, there's flies.  It's weird because it's still this time of year, so there shouldn't be any flies around.  I'm opening up the front door and I have a plant right inside the door by my love seat and there's more flies that rush in and I'm like, WTF, (never said I didn't have a potty mouth from time to time).  I'm stepping out the front door and this figure, that appears to be my eldest son, who just last night stopped by to purchase one of my pillows for his girlfriend, was lying on the bench that sits on my front porch.  There were flies all around him.  My heart leaps out of my chest and I go over to him and call is name.  When I lift his head up, there's a smile on his face, but around his lips and eyes looks purple.  Just as I'm trying to wake him up, thinking that he's in a drunken stupor, (he's 21 and likes to get his drink on from time to time), I wake up. According to my clock, which is set about five minutes fast, it's eight-thirty.  Okay, so I wanted to wake up at eight-thirty and what better way to ensure that I wake up by having me dream that I have an opportunity to make money, a dog pees on my carpet, and my beloved son has expired on my front porch with a smile on his face.  It was the same smile that I saw last night while we were watching some show about when vacations attack.  I could tell you why those things made their way into my dream, but one of them would be embarrassing to someone I love, so I'll keep it to myself, but dang, the mind sure can create nightmares out of the things that you have on your mind when you try to take a lil nap.  Now that I'm up, it's time to tidy up a bit.  Had a lil too much fun this weekend and didn't get to do my housework.  Until next time..."Live your life by loving yourself."