Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Feeling Much Better

After my last post, you all must think I'm a mean mommy, huh?  Not mean, just fed up.  If any of you have children who are old enough to grate your nerves and who know better, I'm sure you sympathize with me.  I thought I'd write a follow-up post to let you know that I am cool, now.  I'm actually felling horrible about what happened this morning.  I love my children to death, but sometimes as we all know, who have teens or older, they can make us turn into monsters.  My eleven year old is my buddy.  He's the one who jumps up before I even have to ask him, to help me.  He's the one who wants to go with me to the grocery store to make sure no one is looking at me too hard.  He's the one who talks to me just because he likes hearing his own voice.  He's the one who is most like my sensitive side.  He's the one, who, when I'm between boyfriends, has shared my bed with me, just because I needed someone on the other side of the bed.  Don't get any ideas, he was still young enough to snuggle with mommy.  Anyway, I'm telling you this because he is my buddy, but he truly gets on  my nerves sometimes.  Sometimes he PURPOSELY annoys me.  He's still a baby to me and it hurts me to have to get jiggy with my baby, but he was asking for it.  I just wanted to get that off my chest, but this post isn't about my buddy as much as it's about my fiance'. 

Knowing that my nerves were all bunched up, he offered to go grocery shopping for today's dinner, my home-made tacos.  You better believe we'll be eating 100% ground beef, for sure.  He made it home with more than just dinner.  We hadn't ate breakfast yet and since he was helping his cousin move at noon, he wanted to make sure that I ate something before he left.  The picture you see is our breakfast.  It's no wonder I've gained over thirty something pounds since meeting him.  He does most of the cooking around here.  Actually I cooked yesterday, but usually only cook when I'm cooking one of my specialties, like my home-made chili, spaghetti and mixed greens. 

Well, I haven't been to school this week except to see what my grades were for last week; not too pleased, thanks to my blogging life.  Yes, I'm going to keep blaming my blogging life, because it is the reason why I haven't wanted to go to school.  I swear, I wish I had started blogging on a regular, last year, before committing to accept a student loan, which I'll have to pay back someday.  No sense in crying over spilled milk.  I know that it will be beneficial in the long run.  After all, it was a big decision to go to school and it is an accomplishment just to be going in that direction.  I'll be fine, just have to come up with a schedule and stick to it.  Now that my nerves are calm, my belly is full and I have my ice to crunch on, I think I better head on over to Everest University online.  Until next time..."Live your life by loving yourself."