Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ringa, Ding, Ding

 One of my life's missions was to have a call in advice service.  I believe I've found an outlet to help me, help you.  Common Sense Life Advice

*life got you down?
*need some direction?
*need a fresh pair of ears to listen to your problems?
*need a fresh pair of lips to offer you advice?
*need unclinical answers to your unclinical problems?
*need a little common sense?
Degrees: Ongoing
Training: School of Hard-knocks

43 years on earth
13 years of marriage
23 years of parenting
13 years in the rat race


Although I have no formal training in this field, I have been known to motivate and inspire the people I meet.

Mission Statement:

At Common Sense, it is our true desire to offer sound advice and direction to each client on an individual, personal basis. Confidentiality is first and foremost.