Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ending My Nine Year Marriage

Ahhh, today is December 28, 2003, exactly three years from the day that I asked my ex-husband to finally leave our home, my life and my heart.  Surprisingly, he left, just like that.  It was as if he had been waiting for this moment and my request.  "Why don't you just leave?" I remember asking him the morning he decided to come back home after being out all night, celebrating his 40th birthday, without me.  The plan for that evening was for him to go pick up his brother and then he would be back.  He lied, just like he had lied many times before.  He returned fourteen hours later in time to take me to work the next day.  I never made it to work that day.  I had some serious house cleaning to do.  My ex didn't give any excuses or explanations for not coming home the previous night.  If he had even tried, it would have been a waste of time.

After midnight had rolled in, I figured it was a wrap.  Turning the big 4-0, I would have thought he'd want to share such a milestone with the woman who had birthed him three healthy, handsome sons.  The woman who had stood by his side through some really tough times that he had brought on to himself.  No, he would rather add more fuel to the fire that was already burning out of control and destroying our relationship.  As the hours rolled on by, I thought about the good times.  There had to be some good times, right?  After all, we had three sons together.  I thought about the bad times; there were plenty.  Jail time, hospital visits; yep, we had our share of drama. 

The year two-thousand was a monumental year.  My sister had went to join the angels, just about two weeks before I decided to end my marriage.  She was only forty years old.  How could I continue to waste my life away in unhappiness, when tomorrow was not promised to anyone.  Once I purposed to end the madness that was my marriage, things kind of fell into place. 

It is now 2011 and I am a candidate for marriage, once again.  Ironically, the man who wants to marry me, has the same last name that I paid handsomely to get rid of.  Of course I am in no hurry to walk down that old aisle again, as things are just perfect, the way that they are.