Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Patience of Job

OMG, I am just now getting to my activity of choice.  I spent the better half of the day trying to download and install the new AVG Internet Security 2011 software on my computer.  I've been downloading and installing stuff for years, but I guess today was software's day to aggravate me.  I've had minimal virus protection on my computer and probably could have done without this purchase, seeing as it's been since November since my trial subscription expired.  I bought the full version of AVG Internet Security 2011 to ease my mind.  I live on my computer and would probably emotionally/mentally die if something suddenly happened where I could not function on it.  I did three months at the county library and trust me, it's just not the same.  Each day I would actually have to get up, find something to wear, get in my vehicle and drive up to the library.  It's not that far from where I live at, but it sure was inconvenient and just plain irritating, to say the least.  So now that I'm able to walk out of my bedroom, clothed or unclothed and hop in front of "my" world, I never want to give up.  I feel like my extra Internet protection is my security blanket.

After forking over more than half a C-note, I downloaded the software and thought I was installing it properly.  Once the installation was complete, I had to restart my computer.  Restarting my computer, I felt a sense of relief and accomplishment because I knew that I had done something to ensure the life of my Internet world.  The computer loaded up all the start-up applications, but then to my horror, my Internet service would not start up.  What in the world?!  I've been dealing with computers for quite some time, so I didn't panic, TOO much.  I tried un-installing and reinstalling.  On my final attempt to remedy the problem, I disabled the firewall and my Internet popped on.  Not satisfied simply because I had gotten the Internet to work, I called customer service.  I swear I must have the patience of Job, or simply was hell-bent on getting my money's worth out of this program and wanted to make sure that everything that I paid for was working properly because it was nearly a half hour before someone finally got on the line.  He explained that they were short on staff or something or another.

He walked me through the installation process but unfortunately, I had to restart the computer before we were finished with our business and once the computer started back up, the problem was not fixed.  Me being pretty computer savvy, I un-installed, yet again and even restored the computer to an earlier date.  After this, I started from scratch.  I must have done something right this time because all components of the software are working, my Internet is running and I'm blogging again, listening to Itunes.  I'd say everything in my computer world is a-okay.  Sorry to have kept you waiting for my latest blog entry but now I'm going to have to leave you so that I can get a jump start on my class work.  I am determined to squeeze my school life back into my life's equation and do it successfully.  Until next time..."Live your life by loving yourself."