Saturday, March 5, 2011

M.I.A. But Now I'm Back

Greetings everyone, I've been away for awhile.  I truly apologize for skipping a few days, but had some out of town guest in and couldn't fit blogging into my schedule.  I will say that despite my visitors, I was still able to get a lot of other things accomplished around my house.  Most of my projects have now been completed, and my house is now almost functioning with Grade A status.  I was able to find the two appliances I needed at a resale appliance store.  My "new" stove and dryer were much needed and now I can get back on track with my chore of laundering, which I really missed.  Going to the laundry mat used to be fun and relaxing, but when you've become a home-body such as myself, having to pack up wet clothes is not fun or relaxing.  Now I can wash and dry and fold in less time than it would take me to pack up and drive across town and dry and drive back home.  I haven't tried out my new dryer yet, but Fourteen Year Old says that it dries stuff really fast.  He found out because a couple of his buddies got caught in the down pour that hit our city yesterday evening after they were returning home from the mall.  Of course Fourteen Year Old wanted to go with them, but I don't like last minute plans and so he couldn't tag along.

Anyway, I've been really busy trying to get my house spring-cleaned before spring actually springs.  Once it gets here, I want to be able to get outside into my yard and do some tidying up and planting.  I've been at this location for six years now and have always desired to have vibrant plants growing in my front yard.  Let me tell you that I have attempted to have this in years gone by, but unfortunately that miracle flower rug thing did not work.  I planted it along my front porch and added a few patches in a flower well in my front yard and guess what, this miracle did not happen.  So this year, I'm going with some bulbs as opposed to the packets of flowers I've purchased in the past.  I bought six packs of vibrant flowers and planted them in the well thingy.  To this day, there is only the weed things that I dig up every year in order to make room for the colorful plant life that I've been dreaming of having ever since I first started purchasing my "old" house.  Hopefully this year, I get some beautification going on.

My next projects will be adding some color to my house's walls and getting my basement cleaned out so that Fiance' can chill in his own surroundings.  Step by step I'm getting more organized, which is a part of my whole New Year's resolution.  I'm learning that it doesn't take much to make things happen, but the first step is taking the initiative and getting started.  In one week's time, I've made some small changes and the difference can truly be felt when you walk through the front door.  After getting the basement cleaned out, I plan on doing something different with my bathroom.  This past week we did fix the bathtub faucet issue, which was the handle that determines if the shower is on or the water is running for a bath, was broken.  My poor fiance' who is king in the kitchen, was a court jester when it came to handyman detail, but with a little, okay, a lot, of coaxing, he has now mastered installing a kitchen faucet and remedying the bathtub faucet situation.  I now have three handles that match on my bathtub faucet.  I still have yet to take one of my relaxing, bubble filled baths but that's only because he fixed them just this morning.

Well, it's time for me to take my stepfather to work.  I am a chauffeur for various members of my family which is cool because some of them actually give me gas money to take them where they need to go.  I don't mind because most of the destinations are not that far away from the house and I'm back in within a matter of minutes.  I don't know about you, but I love my own four walls.  If I never left them, it wouldn't bother me one bit.  With my blogging world intact and my school life hanging on by a thread, I just want to be here.  Until next time..."Live your life by loving yourself."