Saturday, January 14, 2012

Straight Talk with Red Hawk

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Okay, so by now, if you've been reading my blogs, you know that I have been working on quite a few things since last year.  Besides working on more writing material, I've been working on getting my talk show off the ground.  Being an advisor on a psychic video chat site has enabled me to develop a following, as well as build my confidence to do what I do naturally and that is advise.  With that said, the birth of my talk show, Straight Talk with Red Hawk is soon approaching.  Nine months of being in front of the world on a site that brings out some of the worst people in the world has developed the thick skin needed to be in front of the camera for all of the world to see.  But being in front of the camera is not for me, it's for the thousands of hurting people who have been led to my room since March 22, 2011. 

Working on that particular site has it's drawbacks though.  For one, no matter how rude a visitor is, the rule is that I can't be rude back.  Are you serious, me not give them back what they need when they come at me sideways is not in my character.  I must admit that when I first started working there, some would come to see what kind of can of whoop ass I was going to open up on anyone who disrespected me.  After all, I'm trying to save the world in the little time that we have left and you wanna come up in my peaceful room and cause a disturbance???  But over time, I learned to just verbally spank them with the truth or attention that they were looking for and send them on their way.   Which brings us to nine months later and even though the site has calmed down considerably, I believe it is my time to move on to greener pastures, well, at least explore other avenues of doing what I do without the threat of people who obviously delight in misery coming in, interrupting my flow and trying to keep the people who genuinely need my assistance from getting what they need.

Straight Talk with Red Hawk has been developing in my mind for quite some time.  It has always been my desire to help as many people at one time while fulfilling my life's destiny of being a motivational speaker and talk show host.  I do it nightly, and am now looking for the right platform to do so.  I love the space that I am at now, but there are restrictions and a person like me, with so much to achieve in so little time, does not need restrictions when it comes to living out my life's mission.  For what I do there, the financial gain is limited.  I'd love to have a night where everyone who needs what I have is willing and able to pay for my services as they should.  When I have to spend five minutes on one of my impromptu commercials telling them they NEED and SHOULD take me private, is irritating to say the least.

So as I'm developing my talk show format, I'm also looking for sponsorship.  Nope, nothing major, just people who are willing and able to pay for the time that they spend in my room, getting fat and full off of my wisdom and entertained by my energetic presence.  I know I was born to do what I am doing, and therefore now that I'm on my chosen path, it's time to put money to my time.  I've been compared to Ms. O, Dr. Phil and even Wendy Williams, if that's the case, I need a handful of what they're making, doing what they're doing.

Sponsorship for my show can be simply put into my paypal account at  I'm not going to tell you how much to send, that's on how much you feel my time is worth to you.  For the amount of time I spend trying to get my due at my present site, I'd rather not even bring up finances, as I think it's more important to stay on topic with healing the hurting spirits that come into my room daily.  Once I find my new digs and set up a schedule, I'll be sure to update my followers as to where they can find me, until then, continue to check me out at Present Home of Straight Talk with Red Hawk.