Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I Made It!!!

Wow, it's been way too long.  We've come into another year and I'm just now getting around to blogging my first post of the year.  But never fear, this one is packed with good news.  I'm actually writing it while on my online talk show that has taken off like wild fire.  Yes, your girl has secured a spot on an online site that gives each broadcaster the opportunity to become a star.  After being in front of a web cam for almost two years now, once this opportunity presented itself, I was more than ready to jump into the spotlight.  I've just started my fifth week on the site and have already made a claim of being one of the top stars of the site.  I dubbed myself, Queen Motor Mouth of Mondo, which others hurriedly agree with.  It's no secret that my mouth can go a mile a minute and it's a good thing.  My channel is the most like a real talk show and my viewers are never left wondering if today's show will deliver.  I don't have any scripts or anything like that.  I just get on each day, knowing that the work that I do through my advising, life-coaching and motivational speaking will touch my viewers.

So many people are emotionally and mentally broken and sometimes they just need to know that someone else has made it through a similar experience as they are in.  At 45, I've been through quite a few trials and tribulations and don't mind sharing, as I believe that it's my purpose to help guide others out of distressful situations.  It's like I 'm a beacon of hope and the strength that I possess seems to transfer to my viewers as I share my wisdom with them.  I have about six loyal viewers to date and that number is gradually increasing as I get more exposure on the site.  My channel is not for everyone.  A lot of people are not ready for the big step that it takes to walk onto a more fulfilling path.  They are still trying to make something happen out of what they are familiar with.  They're basically spinning their wheels in the muddy mess they've found themselves in, hoping and praying that things will change.  I direct them to look at their situation, face reality and decide what to do next.

My own online talk show has also lead me onto other talk shows as well.  I've done two internet radio interviews and I've been asked to participate as a weekly guest speaker on one of the talk shows, Thursday Spot.  One thing leads to another, and I knew that one day all of my hard work and dedication to the one thing that is my passion would pay off.  What started out as a dream, that lead to me practicing it as a hobby, has now become my bread and butter.  Things can only get better from this point on as I continue walking on my pre-destined path.  You can catch me everyday except Wednesdays at  My Gig, 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Central.