Friday, January 6, 2012

Ram in the Bush

All who know me, know that I am a very spiritual person.  I didn't say that I was a "shoe-in" to Heaven, I said that I am a VERY spiritual person.  With that said, let me begin my post.  As a spiritual person, I believe that everything happens for a reason and that when one door closes, another one HAS to open, it just does.  Case in point, today, was expecting money from a source, an unreliable source, but a source nonetheless.  As fate would have it, when I need money the most, it is not available.  Before disappointment took root and ruined my day, I reminded myself that this money is NOT promised, therefore I can not and should not ever depend on it to save the day.  After calming my spirit, I set back on my quest of making something else MORE reliable happen to spring forth some kind of cash flow.  Let me tell you that with everything that I have going on, as long as there is a trickle of cash, I have something to work with.  I live on bare necessities at this point, so no real need for millions just yet.  So I am truly grateful to have two pennies to rub together at the end of the day.  Two pennies plus two pennies equal four pennies and so on. 

Getting back to the topic, Ram in the Bush...after getting back onto my computer and checking my emails, there awaiting me was an unexpected email that I was sure to see in about four more days, but was staring me right in the face TODAY!!!  My ram in the bush was here.  As relief flooded over me, knowing that I didn't have to go the entire weekend without accomplishing some of my financial obligations, I thanked God for seeing me through.  Days like this I am trying to alleviate from my life.  I've claimed 2012 as my year of "getting out of this hell," the hell of lack.  I wanna have enough cash flowing that I can take care of all of my bills, which aren't many, I wanna have enough cash flowing so that I can take advantage of things on sale when I want them, not necessarily when I NEED them and they are NOT on sale, I just wanna live comfortably without wondering who, what and where, my next stream of cash is coming from. 

I think I have a pretty good supply of streams, just need to get the CONTINUOUS flow going.  I mean, I appreciate the trickles, but would really love to see what it feels like to live in abundance as opposed to constant lack.  I'm doing my best to create that which I seek and believe that in due time, before I know it, my monsoon of cash will overtake me and these days of lack will be no more.