Tuesday, June 11, 2013

My Cheeky

It's not even 8:00 a.m. and I'm up like I didn't just go to bed after 1:00 a.m.  What has wakened me up so early?  I can only guess it was my new SB (Spiritual Brother), Cheeky, who I've met on my journey as an adviser, life-coach and therapist on one of my online work sites.  Cheeky and I have been spending an awful lot of time offering each other spiritual guidance as we're both in a transitional period in our lives.  Although he's young enough to be one of my eldest children, the fact that he works for the "Divine" gives him innate wisdom and guidance beyond his years.  I woke a little after 7 a.m. and just lay there reflecting on the day before and anticipating what this day could bring.  I've had some news that I'm waiting on to materialize into reality, so I'm a little bit on the expectant side.  So I'm laying there and my SB, comes to mind, after a while, I'm thinking, hummm, he's on a giant clock leap, (he lives in the UK) I wonder what he's doing, he's probably waiting for me to get up, so we can start our chat.  I get up, turn on my computer and what do you know, he's JUST skyped me.  The message simply says, "hahahahaha, hey".  I respond, "good morning, you watched me laying there, you called out to me, and that's why you laughing."  "yep," is his response.  It's simply amazing how the mind works.  We in the spiritual world can telepathically connect to each other no matter the miles.

I've always known that I was gifted ever since I was a teen.  Haven't done it in a while, but I used to be able to "lift myself, out of myself," for lack of a better term.  I would lie in bed and will my soul to leave my body. At the time, I didn't think of it as anything big, just knew that I could do it.  As an adult, I've not even tried to see if I can still do it, as I'm quite content with the other mental capabilities that come naturally for me as I've began to accept that I do have a direct link to the Divine.  The fact that my SB called out to me and I answered by turning on my computer to find a message from him, just minutes before, is proof that there is something mystical going on.  As we've spent countless hours getting to know each other over the past few days, it is clear that I am NOT giving myself enough credit in utilizing the gift that I've been given.  I've denied, out of self-doubt, that I was indeed psychic and could NOT tell the future when asked to.  My SB asked me pointedly, "why do you claim you cannot tell the future, you're always on point to me"?  Having another person confirm your spiritual gift to you does wonders for the psychy.  Since meeting him, I've had the opportunity to hone my skills as we converse and share our life experiences.  We're like long lost buddies who haven't heard from each other in a while.  We immediately synced, spiritually, and have given each other what each needed in the form of encouragement, confirmation, insight, enlightenment and whatever else the other needed emotionally and spiritually.  It's simply amazing the timing of it all.

Both of us are suffering through a break-up, uncertain of the future of our failed relationships. Even though we come from different sexual orientations, the pain each of us is feeling is identical.  Which goes to show, love does not discriminate and neither should we.  He feels my pain, I feel his pain, it is the SAME pain.  A broken heart does not see color, sex or any other defining factor other than, perhaps, the deafening, silent scream that comes from what feels like your heart having the life squeezed out of it.  At any rate, each of us came equipped with what the other needed.  I can't help to use the word, AMAZING, to describe the connection.  It's also one of Cheeky's words he uses to describe me, as he's become one of my biggest fans on my talk show, The Show, as well.  "Hey MY Hawky," he said, before we began what would be the most healing-est week in our lives.  "I googled you, and I am now your number one fan," he announced in my chat room, one day.  I laughed cause I've heard that before, but after he kept coming to the show and going into the Waiting Room, it was clear that he had become one of my number one fans, foreal.  Later, the revelation was revealed why we had been connected.  He's a psychic too, thus us meeting in the Waiting Room, but more importantly than our shared purpose in life, we were both dealing with similar emotional crisis' and was able to be a spiritual balm in each others' lives.

Well when I first started this post, I certainly didn't intend to make it about my new friend, but when you value something and appreciate the gift you've been given, I guess you can't help but share it.  Anyway, I guess I've honored my new friend enough for one day.  He's truly a gift from the Universe, as he's made the last week bearable, to say the least.  My Cheeky, I know you're smiling from ear to ear, and the warm feelings have spread from the top of your head to the soles of your feet, which is my gift to you, the gift of knowing how important and special you are to me.  Until next time folks, live, love, learn!!!