Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Off Today!!!

Hey ya'll, it's Wednesday and I'm officially off.  But that's just from the gig, I'm never off from life.  Got some running around to do today and it's cold right now.  I look forward to my once a week day off, but know it is also the ONLY day that I can get anything done.  Not having my ride has really put a damper on my traveling, but it's also given me the opportunity to exercise on a regular basis.  Before, I'd drive everywhere, even up the street and around the corner.  Wear and tear on the vehicle, plus unnecessary usage of gas was at an all time high, just because, but once I get it back on the road, you better believe there'll be changes.

Let's see what's on my to-do list, first and foremost have to go check on my 16 year old.  I have a scheduled meeting with his teacher to discuss his grades while he's away.  She called me last week and said that he's doing great and I knew that he would be, I just wish that he was as focused on the "outside," but know that the scholastic environment in our neighborhood doesn't push excellence, even though it boast of it.  I'm really excited for this meeting, not so much to meet his teacher, but to see him.  I haven't seen him since before Christmas and since the vehicle isn't readily available, have to use important meetings as visiting hours as well.  The first time we went down this road, I was there on every available visit to the point that when his time away was coming to an end, he told me I didn't have to come anymore.  I'm like, yeah, right, you're my son, I'll see you as much as I want.  This time, he's kinda on his own and I think it's good for him.  He's 16, growing into a young adult, and independence and not having mommy there at every turn, is probably helping him mature more than last time.  Even the phone calls home don't include me as much.  He'll call, I'll ask how was his day, and he'll tell me and then there will be a moment of silence, and then,  "Um, can you do that for me?" he'll say next.  "That," would be three way-ing his girlfriend and I'll put down the phone after hearing her say, hello, and walk away, letting them talk until his phone time is over.  I don't mind that he doesn't want to talk to me for too long, just as long as his day has gone good, I'm satisfied.  

Once I get home, I'll prepare for my online guest spot on a friend's internet radio station.  Having my own talk show has made me sort of a celebrity and I am thrilled that he wants to include me on his show.  I'm really excited to see what the show brings today.  I'll be able to be a little bit more relaxed than the first time I was on.  I did his show, while on my live show and let's just say, that, I was on pins and needles cause I know how crunk he can get and that includes language not acceptable on my own site.  It was cool though, cause we still had fun and once I told him that I'd rather do his show when I'm not on my show, so I can "let my hair down," he was like, "bet".  So who knows how much laughter we will unleash as I let Red Hawk do her thang, cause folks are used to her keeping it real at any cost.  Not sure how long I'll be on this time, but know that after I'm done, the rest of my day will consist of folding clothes and doing dishes and preparing dinner for the family.  Fiance' is off today, and not sure if we'll have movie night or not, but as long as I've got my computer and the internet, I'll probably be working on something as the day comes to an end.

Well, I'm looking at the old clock on the wall, and I think I have a pretty good post for the day.  Gotta get ready to meet the cold weather and see what the outside world has in store for me today.  Can't be too sure with all the crime that's going on, I just pray I get out and make it back into my peaceful haven.  Until the next time I write, peace, love and light.