Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Sweet Smell of Success

Hey ya'll, I decided that I would post again.  You know how addicted to blogging I was when I first started and who knows, I might get addicted again.  So here goes...well by now you've all read about my talk show that has found a new home at, My Gig.  Words can't even begin to express how happy I am for this new development.  Not only do I get to practically roll out of bed, into work, I am fulfilling my life's purpose and guess what, I never even picked up the book, Purpose Driven Life.  I don't even know who wrote it, but I do know that years ago, everyone and their deceased kin folk were grabbing the copies off of shelves AND having all kinds of "purpose driven" book parties and so on.  See that's the thing about me, I don't jump on board everyone's ship, just because I think it's going my way.  I've pretty much been a loner all my life except for the few, dear friends that I met when I was younger and we still hold a special bond, even though we don't get together much.  Years can go by and if we should physically connect, we pick right back up where we left off.  But other than them, I've learned to pretty much keep my nose to my grind and let folks do them and hopefully they let me do me.  But that's getting off topic, which is easy to do with a person who is Tri-polar. You'll have to read back some ways, I think I already posted on that subject.

Okay, where were we, oh yea, talking about me fulfilling my purpose.  Yep, that's where we were.  So right now, six days a week, I climb in my "butt buddy," my chair, and sit for six hours with a one hour break between each three hours and yap to my heart's delight.  Today, I added coffee to my routine and let's just say that my "motor mouth" was working over-time. But that's a good thing, because for what I do, there can't ever be a dull moment.  It is my job to keep my audience entertained so that not only will they hang around for that particular day, but that they will keep coming back, making me a part of their lives, just like any other form of entertainment.  My channel has been called, Trish TV, by some and I think that has a nice lil ring to it.  I really should put a disclaimer somewhere because watching me is very addicting.  I don't know what it is, besides maybe the fact that some find me rather strange, (oh, it's okay, I accept all labels that I agree with), and just can't wait to see what I'm going to do next.  But anywho, like I was saying, I couldn't be happier with the way that my life is today.  Of course it could be better, but it certainly isn't as worse as it used to be.

Things finally appear to be running smoothly down the track, and I'm not sure where we're headed, but know it's a better place than where we've been.  The year, 2013, is turning out to be quite some year already.  I can only imagine if it keeps it's current pattern, how things will be.  They say trouble don't last always and it seems as if I can finally breath a sigh of relief as things are coming together, day by day.  Every day there's something new, something exciting to get happy about.  The smile that's almost constantly on my face, seems to shine a little brighter as I look back at myself each day on camera.  It's funny, I never looked at myself this much in my life, even as a hot to trot teenager, well, at least I can't recall.  What I see, I love, because I've finally become comfortable and confident in the skin I'm in.  Could it be because I'm walking down the path that was set before me, so long ago, and all I had to do is keep going, no matter how tired I got, no matter how disappointed I became, no matter how frustrating things were and no matter how many tears of desperation I cried?  Who knows, but one thing's for sure, my star is rising and it's shinning brighter and brighter as the days go by.